5 Questions to ask you hairdresser

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The new year often brings in changes. Perhaps you’re thinking of change of hair style or even a change of hair stylist. If so, consider these important questions to ask of your stylist.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Ask this when you first contact the salon, before you make an appointment.

Any reputable salon will offer a free, no obligation consultation to discuss future services. Arrive a few minutes earlier than your consultation time so you can sit a take in the atmosphere of the salon.

The consultation should be face to face, not face to mirror with your stylist stood behind you. During this service your stylist that should be getting as much info about your needs and concerns as possible. It might seem a bit of a faff and just extra time to make, but you’ll know for sure at the end if this is the person to be your new stylist.

At Moodyhair we offer free, no obligation, consultations with the stylist of your choice. We’ll discs you hair, review pictures and options and carry out test pieces for colours and waving services.

What will suit my hair type and face shape?

By all means share any ideas you have, and contrary to popular belief, any good stylist welcomes pictures.  Give the stylist the opportunity to share with you their expertise on what will work with you and your hair.

A good stylist will try to get as close as possible to your requests, or at least offer very sound alternatives.

At Moodyhair we believe the very best style is based on Suitability. We can advise about your face shape, hair type and lifestyle to make sure your new hair style is perfect for you.

What length will my hair be when it’s finished?

Stylists are often accused of being scissor happy. Establish from the start what length your finished result will be, when dry and styled. If maintaining length is important to you making point of this is a really good way of keeping your stylist on their toes too.

How will I maintain my hair at home and what products might I need?

Many clients will often say “I can never get my hair to look they way you do it”. Well of course not! They’re a professional hairstylist, working with all the right tools, products and time.

Ask what maintenance is involved with your hair style and what hot tips can they show you?

It’s likely your stylist will use a hair product to style and finish your hair, they couldn’t make it work without and neither will you.

Ask them what their favourite product is, what they recommend for your hair. If price is an issue, ask them for a high street alternative; it won’t perform as well but is likely to be more affordable.

What will the final cost be? 

Establish this right at the outset. Any salon should should have a clear and visible price structure, you have a right to know what your final bill will be.

If stylists start randomly adding treatments to your hair, questions the cost (and their motives). Again, if price is an issue, say so (hairdressers count their pennies too!) Any good stylist wants a long term relationship, they won’t give discounts but they will work with you to find treatments that fall within your budget.

All of the prices we charge are on display and available through our website. If there is any additional costs we’ll make sure they are clearly identified before you make your appointment. We’ll provide you with a printed quote so you know exactly what the price will be.

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