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As we head into Autumn one of the many people in the fashion world think back to the festival season and what trends emerged from them. A strong theme that will certainly carry out into the year is braids and plaits.

This classic technique and simple look is an ideal way of keeping long hair tidy and manageable in those autumn winds, as well as providing a beautiful and fashionable way to wear your hair. Plaits and braids are pretty much just different words for the same thing, although many people identify braids as being the smaller, tighter wraps of hair and plaits has being thicker or looser wraps of hair.

Braiding and plaiting has been on many catwalks recently and had lots of celebrity endorsement too.
The simplest technique is the classic three strand plait. Although many people find it easier to plait wet hair, working on dry hair for a more textured finish gives a trendy update to this classic look. Plaited more loosely you can add a really modern twist by gently teasing the finished plait apart to create a softer more textured finish.
Asymmetric plaits are also very popular and achieved by creating a three stand plait at one side of the head and continuing diagonally around the head to leave a longer, loose braid over one shoulder.
If you’re feeling more ambitious try out beautiful “fishtail plait”, this version of the plaiting has had a huge celebrity following recently and has been seen on virtually every red carpet in 2013.

You can find lots of examples and tutorials online by searching for hair braids and fishtail plaits, but without doubt the best way to achieve these looks is to speak with your professional salon stylist, they’ll have the skills and advice to be able to deliver quickly the widest variety of options for you and your hair. So for a quick, classic look that will keep your hair manageable through Autumn and keep you bang on trend explore all the options for beautiful braids and plaits.




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