Chris is able to pack years of experience into his work and deliver new thinking and vision to hairdressers as well as to excite audiences looking for inspiration at national and international hairdressing events.

In the early days Chris started developing his teaching skills working with product and tool manufacturers at all the major industry shows as well as teaching in salons and schools across the country. This work helped him to perfect his personal presentation style and helped him to master the art of improving the creative and technical ability of experienced hairdressers.

As his career progressed, Chris earned the reputation amongst salon owners and colleges of being a highly qualified and effective teacher with an infectious personality and meticulous eye for detail.

Chris has held shows and seminars throughout the USA, Asia and Europe and the success of these trips means he is being asked back to repeat his performance with new audiences.

For 25 years Chris has worked with Redken NYC developing haircutting techniques and colouring skills for other professional stylists. Chris works globally for Redken NYC coaching and mentoring other platform artists to develop their presentation skills

Chris also works with hairdressing’s lead standard setting and qualifications organisation, Habia, as part of nationwide drive to develop and enhance teaching practices throughout the UK.

Aside from Chris’ teaching work he maintains a strong client base in the salon, having clients travel from all over the north of England to maintain regular appointments.


Constantly involved in seeking new inspirations and helping those around him, Chris remains committed to taking hairdressing into its next dimension.