Christmas Party Hair

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The party season means party hair.  Although recent fashion has been a slightly distressed, “morning after” look, we want to enjoy the “night before” look first, so that means hair soft, sexy and super glam.

Well conditioned, healthy straight hair will always be timelessly sophisticated and elegant, but when it comes to making hair easy to pin up curly girls have all the fun!

Curls and waves usually provide softer more forgiving shapes and create volume for fine hair. This year go and treat yourself to some heated rollers, thats right, yesterdays housewife’s staple is todays glamourous girls accessory.

For a modest budget look at Mark Hills Flexi Hot Rods for around £20, or consider Babyliss Boutique Ceramic Rollers at around £50. If you want the best salon quality kit go for Cloud 9’s The O at around £150.

Here’s our quick guide to get you started:

If you’re the tall, glamazon type don’t be too hasty to tie your hair away good and tight, longer looking hair could create a more flattering image for you and guarantee your movie star entrance.

Equally if you are the diminutive pocket princess, don’t bury yourself in tumbling locks of hair. Pin it up to show those demure features.

Soften your look with waves and curls. Keep hair straight if you want to minimise it.

Leaving soft pieces trailing will flatter jaw and neck lines, shorten longer necks and works well on off the shoulder outfits. Take all the hair up if you want to lengthen the neck or your outfit has collars or neck details.

Circular or rounder faceshapes need height on top, not to scraped back tight.

Heart shaped faces work better with softness and volume at the bottom, either on the shoulders or at least collar length.

Oblong or longer faceshapes need to avoid height on top, curls work great, especially if you can create a little volume through the sides.

Angular or square faceshapes need soft pieces around the jaw line. Go for gentle waves and texture and avoid horizontal lines such as fringes, go for side sweeping, asymmetric fringes.

Triangular face shapes or slightly heavy jawlines need to have hair left down at shoulder length or loosely put up to create volume above the ears only.

Oval, face shapes are able to wear just about any length shape or style.

If you’re wanting a one off party style and pushed for time, the best bet is your professional hairdresser. Here at Moodyhair we have highly trained and experienced stylists that can deliver that part pazazz from just £20.

Get that beautiful glamorous hair in place and the rest will follow.

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