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Now the party season is fast coming upon us many people are looking for new and exciting ways to wear their hair that will make them look and feel a little a more special. The challenge is, of course, what can you do to make your hair look fabulously different at the week-end and still get it back to Monday morning normality.

Temporary, clip in hair wefts are a fantastic solution to creating that extra pizazz without the commitment of permanent change.

Wefts of hair are coloured using any number of shades from strong bright colours to soft pastels, natural hues to day-glo disco shades, virtually anything is available. The wefts are usually fitted with small combs sewn in place that will easily clip into your hair and add a wonderful splash of colour, some extra length, a new fringe or simply to add volume.

The wefts are very easy to fit at home, however if you need them carefully placing, or even styling to blend better with your own hair, then contact your professional stylist to see if they offer any type of fitting service.
Many wefts are made from human hair. These are often more expensive and really are the best type to style, colour and create the most natural effects with. Some people can feel a bit squeamish about this and there has been some bad press over the years about how it’s sourced. These days all of the larger companies source their human hair very ethically and responsibly. All the hair is rigorously treated to make it sterile and suitable for use. More and more wefts though are now made of artificial fibres which behave very much like human hair, these can be very useable, easy to style and a cheaper alternative if you’re worried about the human hair variety. The very bright, neon colours that are available are always made of nylon fibre, take care as these cannot be styled and will react quite badly with any hot tools.
A quick search of the internet will show a wide variety of clip in wefts to buy, Here at Moodyhair we provide ethically sourced human hair wefts that we custom make and colour for specific shades, looks and effects. So if its a “no strings attached”, weekend hair fling your after for then wefts could be just the answer your looking for to have a great and colourful party season.




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