Feathered hair extensions

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This is the next big thing…Feather Hair Extensions are the beautiful new look for this Summer’s Festival Season. Made from 100% natural feathers, uniquely dyed and treated to make them a perfect hair accessory. You can shampoo them, blowdry them, style them, treat them just as you would your hair, then you when your’re done you can take them out and (providing you use a little TLC) re use them again. No sticky glues or hot waxes (or damaged hair). The pieces can last up to 3 months at a time before they need to be re fixed, each piece comprises of about 6-8 fine feathers, varying in length from 6-10 inches. Each feather piece is £20 to buy, you can fit them yourself or we can fit them for you for an extra £5. We have a c=variety of colour for different hair types. This is a beautiful look for medium to long hair and is sure to be a fashion statement for 2011. So go ahead, come into the salon and be the first in your gang to set the trend.





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