Going for Grey…..

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In a time when everyone is aiming to look more youthful, the grey   hair trend has never been stronger. It started with hipsters, then celebrities and now the trend is allover the high street, silver grey looks of cool steel hair.

If you’re thinking of taking the plunge into this trend here are a few things you should know.

To start with, this is not a quick task. Achieving this look is never a simple, or one step, process. Unless you already have very light, or ideally platinum hair, the first step will be to create a very light, almost white base on your hair.

This will mean using a lightener or bleach based de-colourizer.

Forget what you might see on the shelf or on the TV ads, for the silver grey tone to stand any chance of working your hair needs to be almost colourless.  IMG_5600

Be prepared to have at least one, but often two, hair lightening sessions to get you hair light enough to begin. Be aware that your hair length, condition and type, will all have an effect on whether or not this is feasible, how long it will take and how much it will cost. If you’re hair is already coloured (especially with a darker colour) or if the condition is compromised, expect a lengthy preparation time to get your hair ready, maybe over several appointments.

Once the hair is lightened the toning process can be begin. Again this could be a further two or three steps of applying different toning formulas to stabilise the base colour and apply the grey tones. If you are having your hair lightened and toned in the same visit expect to be in the salon upwards of 4 hours, with a stylist working with you most of that time.

This same process applies to all the pastel tones or “candy colours” of pink, violet, and pale blue tones that are being seen right now.










Once your perfect grey tone has been achieved you’ll need to think about maintenance. The tone will need refreshing every 2-4 weeks, although once the base has been created, this is a relatively quick and easy job. There are toning products available on the high street also. After about 6 to 8 weeks the roots will need lightening, this is where you’ll need to go back to the lightening process again to get that perfect base on the roots. Although this is an easier job than  lightening the whole of the hair, you should still expect a lengthy process with another toning application at the end.

Once your new colour is established there are steps you can take to prolong the life of the new tone:

Try to use a “Sulphate Free” shampoo which is more gentle on colour.

Redken’s Blonde Idol range is perfect for this.

Also make sure you ask us about Redken’s Silver Charge shampoo, ideal for keeping silver grey tomes in naturally silver or coloured silver hair.

Top up the tone with a leave in conditioner or toning mousse, again Redken’s Blonde Idol Violet conditioner is perfect.

Avoid using very hot water on your hair

Keep straightening irons to a minimum and use a heat protector (extreme heat really fades out delicate colours).

There are a lot of high street, box colours which claim to deliver grey hair, and there will certainly be some people out there who achieved the look quickly and cheaply….these are the exceptions rather than the rule! Be cautious of any product that claims to deliver “quick and easy”, unless your hair is ultra light and in great condition, you are very likely to end up with something very different form the picture on the box.

As always, our best advise is to book a consultation with your stylist at your salon and talk it through. Don’t expect it to be cheap or quick, but done well it can be one of the most stunning and head turning looks to ever walk the high street.

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