Growing your hair in Summer

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Decided to grow your hair…read this guide.
As the warm summer months subside many people take the opportunity to grow their hair for autumn and winter so here are a few things to bear in mind. First of all, and most important, don’t stop going to the hairdressers! Many people believe the best way to grow their hair longer is to stop having it cut. Although this may help in the short term, after three to four months the ends of the hair will start to become dry, brittle and frayed, this will result in splits and breakage, often with more hair breaking off than has actually grown. In reality, regular small “trims” will keep the ends of your hair strong and healthy and ultimately result in more effective hair growth.
On average hair grows around 2cm per month, commit to a regular appointment every 6-8 weeks and speak to your stylist about cutting just 1⁄2cm each visit, this will still allow your hair to grow healthily and prevent any ends from splitting beyond control. Don’t be put off by generalizations that hairdressers always cut hair short, it’s simply not true.Here at Moodyhair we care about what you want and we really listen. Book a free consultation and talk with your stylist, let them know your long terms plans, discuss what length you’d like your hair to be and by when, make a plan!
Ask their advice about the best methods to prevent ends from splitting, here at Moodyhair we have specialist equipment such as thermal heated scissors that seal and protect delicate ends to drastically reduce splits and breakages. Protein treatments that are left in the ends of the hair are also really effective, try Redken Extreme Anti Snap or brand new Radiant 10 if your hair is coloured.
We can help you get where you want to be the easiest way in the minimum time. Call the salon now and lets get started….!




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