Hair trends for men – Short back and sides

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For men, its the retro short back ‘n’ sides that’s the lasting trend for 2013 at Moodyhair…

It used to be the staple of the traditional barbershop, but toward the end of last year the old “short back ‘n sides” started to creep into the fashionable boutiques and bars of every town in the country….including Moodyhair, and it looks like it’s here to stay quite a while longer. It started as a bit of a retro, underground movement but is now thoroughly mainstream. Men allover the UK are following in the footsteps of the likes of David Beckham, Robert Pattinson and Leonardo De Caprio.

Here at Moodyhair the hair is cut traditionally, high and tight at the sides and the back, but the 21st century twist is to leave the hair a little longer and slightly disconnected through the top, especially toward the front and fringe. The longer lengths can be dressed with a little height and perhaps a bit of quiff using products like wax or styling putty such as Wax Blast 10 or Rough Paste 12, lightly applied into damp, towel tried hair and combed into shape while still wet. Allowing the hair to dry, the top can then be brushed out with the fingers and finished off with another small amount of product into dry hair.

Hit movies such as the new Gangster Squad and TV shows like Boardwalk Empire mean this trend is set to continue. So for that real Chicago town style, while still wet, slick back the longer top with styling creams or gels, , keep the hair fairly flat to the head then add a low side parting for that classic, tailored 20’s look.

For those chaps who may have a little less hair on top, keep the top short and styled slightly to one side, keep the back and sides short and tight and ask your Moodyhair stylist to build up the weight toward the top in a slight taper. Whether you hark back to James Dean or Elliot Ness, the clean sharp lines of the short back ‘n sides will keep you fresh and stylish well in to the coming year. Call the salon to book your appointment at Moodyhair.





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