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Men at Moodyhair! We’re often asked what advice we might   give to men about their hair, and to be honest it’s pretty simple; get your hair cut properly!…and no, a grade 3 allover with home hair clippers is not “properly”!

It’s OK to go to the hair salon and get your hair professionally cut and styled, even in South Yorkshire. In fact it’s more than OK, it’s necessary.

Come on chaps, your partners, better halves and members of the fairer sex are going all out to make themselves look as good as possible, the bar has been raised and in the 21st Century there’s no excuse for letting yourself go (or in some cases never having a hold in the first place!)

Here at Moodyhair about 35% of our clients are men (thats a bit higher than the national average) and on most days you’ll see other men in the salon too, so it’s no longer a case of a “ladies salon” to be honest…there’s no such thing anymore.

At Moodyhair we’ll spend time talking to you first about what you like and don’t like. We’ll make recommendations for you, show you examples, pictures and style books so you’re clear on what’s going to happen.

Here’s a few tips straight as a little insight from all of us at Moodyhair:

If your hair is thick and wild you might want to consider shorter layers and the use of thinning shears. Keep the sides and nape close to maintain a squarer, more masculine shape.

If you’re hair is thinning, cut it short. Never confuse long hair with making it look thicker or disguising a thinning top, people really will snigger behind your back!

Consider close crops, a short, textured top and tapered hairlines.

Shorter hair is always easier to maintain, texture through the top keeps it looking a bit more up to date.

Avoid side partings if your over 30 and don’t think because it looked good in the ’70’s and ‘80‘s it looks good now…it doesn’t! Unless you’re a skateboarding, guitar playing cool youth, hair beyond collar length makes you look like a sad old throwback.

They say clothes maketh the man, but bad hair maketh a mess of the whole thing.

To sharpen up start from the top down, get a great hair cut and you’re on to a great start.

If you’re worried about the amount of hair (or lack of it) ask us about Redken’s Intraforce and have a look at the website, I’ve been using it for a while now and  getting great results.

Come back soon…next time we’re going to talk about reducing some of that grey hair too!





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