Moodyhair Switzerland!

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The last Moodyhair overseas trip has just taken place and now salon director, Chris is back from his last trip, this time to Geneva in Switzerland.

Chris was over in the Swiss city for 1 week on behalf of Redken NYC, demonstrating and teaching creative haircutting and styling techniques.

This year has seen Chris working in Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Rome, Geneva, Zurich, New York, London and Las Vegas.

“There’s still a great demand and interest in UK hairdressing allover the world” explains Chris. “most of the time” he continues to say, “I’m working with very skilled and experienced stylists and my role is to get them to explore new approaches to familiar methods”.

“The best part for me” he goes on to say, “is that I get to meet with and share ideas with all these great people, then I too can share with everyone here, the whole salon team benefit by being aware of all these different skills and ideas.”

At Moodyhair, training and education has always been at the forefront of everything we do. All the stylists here have been taught and trained on a one to one basis, something very unique in our profession, all the while having instilled within them a sense of care and pride in their work. Out industry is often referred to as a “craft” and we care very deeply here at Moodyhair that we nurture and develop more than just hairstylists, we create craftspeople.

“I’ve travelled and taught in pretty much every country in the world” explains Chris, “and I know that the standard of haircutting that is produced here is among the very best there is, I know that for sure!”

To find out more about the services and team at Moodyhair, call us for a no obligation, complimentary consultation with one of our stylists.

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