New Party Season Super Shiny Hair

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Bally As the end of the year draws closer it seems some of the most eduring hair trends are also reaching the end of their time.

The textured, tangled “Beach Wave” look seems to moving aside and we at Moodyhair are looking to return to sleek and glossy, healthy looking hair.

Both on the catwalks and the high street, glossy curls and a shiny finish are big news, and we at Moodyhair have the perfect methods to get these looks.

So whether you’re a dedicated fashionista or you simply want to glam up for the party season here are our hints and tips from Moodyhair for glossy locks and full on waves.

If your hair has any signs of natural wave and texture consider diffusing it or finger drying rather than using a brush. Invest in a good quality leave in hair moisturiser or gentle styling cream. We’re loving Redken’s Pillow Proof Primer as a fantastic, heat protecting blow dry preparation.  Our latest amazing product is called Redken One United, this multi benefit wonder product will keep your wavey hair hydrated and stop the strands becoming frizzy and flyaway. Redken’s One United leave in hair treatment is an amazing all in one product that protects, repairs, detangles and holds, for around £16 it’s an amazing multi benefit all rounder.

For medium length hair use one of the many Hot Air Stylers available on the High Street for around £15-£30, these are a similar to a round brush that blows hot air. A bigger barrel creates a softer look, be warned they do get hot so make sure you use a heat protection product. Dry the hair with your hands then work through thick sections, lifting and turning the The Styler to achieve big, loose, waves and curls.

For longer hair treat yourself to real Red Carpet Waves. If you’re frustrated at watching hairdressers waving hair with straightening irons (which takes quite a knack) there is a simpler way. Invest in a pair of good old curling tongs or a curling wand, at least 1 ½  inch in diameter (again bigger barrels produce softer results) prices start from around £15 on the high street.

Always dry your hair with a high gloss heat protection product first. Redken’s Dimond Oil Glow (£30) is an amazing heat activated protection oil, extremely light and high gloss, it adds shine, protects and actually speeds up the drying process. (You need tiny drops so it lasts absolutely ages!).

Dry your hair gently by hand then, sparingly, apply a medium hold styling spray, it will keep the style in for longer (Moodyhair recommend Redken’s Iron Shape 11). Split the hair into 2” sections and wrap them around the barrel from roots to ends, hold until the hair feels hot, about 10 secs usually.  Gently slide the barrel out of the hair and hold the section in it’s curl until it cools – very important. Loosen the waves with your fingers and finish with a little more spray for that beautiful on trend, textured gloss.

Once hair is curled it’s much easier to style and pin up. A great hot tip is to use combs and slides to pin the hair up, they’re quicker, hold more hair and much easier to use than grips. Don’t worry is if a few pieces fall loose, it’s much more desirable to have loose soft styles this season than tight, set shapes…and with your new glossy texture, those tantalising tendrils will just add to your party allure.

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