Ombre technique

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One of the considerations of having your hair coloured is the maintenance afterwards, in other words, dealing with those growing out roots.

One lasting trend that deals with this problem and puts you bang on trend is the Ombre technique. Ombre (simply meaning dark to light) is a look that first emerged a few years ago and has gone on to be a global trend on the catwalks and the high streets and looks to carry on for quite some time to come.

The look consists of having slightly lighter and softer shades of colour seamlessly blended back into a darker tone that matches your natural hair colour. The result is a very beautiful mix of dark to light that adds movement, texture and style to your hair without the inconvenience of being left with grown out roots in just a few weeks, in fact the technique is so low maintenance that it’s possible to go up to 3 months between applications.

Nightlights is our slight variation to the technique, slightly more subtle than going the whole way, Nightlights involves gently separating sections, before weaving out randomly placed ribbons of hair, then softly lightening and blending them to leave beautiful wefts of gently lightened hair that invisibly blend back down into your natural hair colour.

The pieces can be varied to look bold and strong or soft and subtle, and the final results can be toned with a shine enhancing glaze to vary the final result of colour to make each finished look truly individual.

Hair colour technology has advanced tremendously in recent years and so too have the colour techniques. So if you’re looking for something more than you can get from a box on the high street visit your chosen salon and talk to a professional stylist about how they can get you spectacular for summer.




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