Haircut and finishing –

30 to 60 minute appointments:

All Stylist are qualified to NVQ Level 3 with a  minimum of 3 years training. Prices reflect level os seniority and experience with Top Stylists and Creative Directors having more than 10 years salon experience.

Creative Director           £45.00 

Top Stylist                       £42.00

Senior Stylist                  £35.00

Stylist                               £30.00


Up to 30 minute appointments:

Creative Director          £35.00

Senior Stylist                 £30.00  

Top Stylist                      £25.00

Stylist                             £22.00

*Extra, long hair straightening, curling and waving will require a £7.50 surcharge

Graduate Stylist*           £25.00

*Graduate Stylist are fully qualified to NVQ Level 2 and have gained all the necessary qualifications to operate on the salon floor. They are in the process of building their clientele and will have less salon experience than more senior stylists.  These haircuts will be checked by a senior team member for quality control and may take a little longer to complete.

Children (Up to 11yrs Old. Available on Tuesday and Wednesday with selected stylists.)

Up to 11yrs                   £12.00 (30 minute appointment, extra time will require a £5 surcharge)


Young Adults (Available with selected stylists)

Up to 18yrs                    £20.00 (30 minute appointment, extra time and clipper fades will require a £5 surcharge)


Blow dry and Styling

Creative Stylist.           £35.00

Top Stylist                    £30.00  

Senior Stylists              £25.00

Graduate Stylists         £20.00

*Extra, long hair straightening, curling and waving will require a £7.50 surcharge


Colour Services

High / Low Lights in foil packets:

Full Head                   £90.00

½ Head                      £55.00

1/4 Head                    £35.00

Partial foil                  £20.00


Root re touch                                    £36.00

Demi Colour                                     £25.50

Full head colour change                 £60.00

Full Head Lightening.                     £70.00 exc. Toners

Post Colour Toner                            £20.00

Balayage and Ombre Services start from £85 

and require a pre consultation before booking.

Specialist Fashion Colour work is bespoke to each client.

The service is priced based on time, and the materials needed. Please allows a full consultation to quote you accurately. 

*please note these services require a skin test 24hrs prior to application


Body Perms and Waves to add Volume, Texture and Movement from  £55.00