Redken styling products for 30 years

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Here at Moodyhair in Darfield we’ve been hairdressing exclusively with Redken products for 30 years now. Although Moodyhair, or specifically Denise’s at Darfield and later Denise Moody Hairdressing, started in 1961, we really only started with serious home hair care products from about 1983. We chose Redken to partner with Moodyhair because we felt they products were exclusive, high quality, reliable and more importantly….they just worked! We still feel the same.

Here at Moodyhair, we have the advantage of being out of the main towns, located in Darfield, just outside Barnsley. This means that we are privileged with our clients choose to make the trip to visit us, very few people casually walk by and “pop-in”. We take the quality and consistency of our hairdressing here at Moodyhair very seriously and we’re very proud of our hairdressing work.

We simply couldn’t do the standard of hairdressing that Moodyhair is renowned for without the help of Redken hair care and Redken styling products.

We want to share our secrets with our clients at Moodyhair and thats why we always try to recommend the professional Redken products we use, so that our clients can have the same success when they go home and style their own hair.

At Moodyhair we always make sure that our clients understand Redken products are an investment and, although the initial outlay may be higher than the high street, all the products are very concentrated and very high performance. That means purchasing Redken products after you visit to Moodyhair will just ensure that your hairstyle style stays they way you want it to and performs the same way it does for your Moodyhair stylist.
Please if you haven’t tried them before, come in and talk to us about Redken hair care the next time you visit Moodyhair.




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