Return of the Perm….

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curl4We’ve wrote before how the age of flat, poker straight hair is over. Today people are seeking out more volume, movement and texture in their hair.

Although it never really went away, We at Moodyhair are here to declare that “the Perm” is back!

It’s been in hiding since the late 80’s, but now, new technologies and a better understanding of texture and technique are opening new options and washing away the fear of the frizz.

Perms developed a bad rap back in the day due mainly to poor consultation and operator error on behalf of the stylists carrying them out, looking back, that huge 80’s hair looks dated, but at the time it was the height of cool trend. At Moodyhair we we developed a great deal of skill, experience and technique very early, the benefit of doing hair for more than 55 years.

Here at Moodyhair we never really stopped perming hair and after 55 years our waving and curling techniques have evolved; the textures are loose and natural, with great condition and an easy to wear feel about them. Redken’s balanced and gentle waving lotions leave hair feeling healthy and well conditioned, ready to to blow dry for extra volume or leave natural for a fresh and “beachey” look.

First of all, consultation is key. This process will alter the structure of your hair, the chemicals involved will not harm your hair, providing they are applied appropriately and all the relevant care is taken by the stylist…and also by you.


Size matters…at least with your rod size. The size of the rod chosen goes a long way in determining the type and texture of curl created. A larger rod creates a softer wave with a shorter lifespan, a smaller rod creates a stronger curl with a longer lifespan.

We have  a wide range of Redken perming solutions for your hair. Acidic perms that are very kind to your hair and work on delicate or coloured hair, however be aware that these very gentle versions don’t last as long as more traditional Alkaline perms. Our alkaline Redken perms work well in normal, non coloured hair or coarse/resistant hair. We also have a number of neutral pH or balanced options available. Again, let our stylists advise you.

Pictures are great as a reference to communicate the type of curl you’re after. Be warned however, the vast majority of pictures out there are often ‘styled’ using roller sets, hot tools and wands etc. These don’t necessarily reflect the true nature of the wave or curl after the perming process. If the curls and waves you see are ‘thick’ and heavy or highly glossed, chances are they have been styled that way. A permed wave/curl tends to look more natural and less “done”. Try to imagine someone with naturally curly or wavy hair and how that might look.

As with many hair processes, the after care is very important. It’s vital to use a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Let your stylist recommend after care products for you, including styling products (Those pictures you picked out needed care, attention and styling products to make them look attractive to you too).

The Redken Curvaceous range is great to add moisture and lustre to hair and really keep that curl buoyant. Redken’s High Rise Volume range is the perfect way to build and sustain volume in finer hair types.

Make sure you come for a consultation before you book. We will advise you, even carry out a compatibility test to make sure your hair will be suitable.

Expect the service to take anywhere up to 2-3 hours depending on your hair length.

With good care, and regular visits to the salon, most perms will last around 3 months. Remember, softer, looser waves will wash out sooner, smaller tighter curls will last longer.


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