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Beautiful glossy hair with a hint of rich colour. If Winters making you feel a tad dull and dowdy you can add a great little boost by just adding a little tone to your hair. Did you know you can get beautiful shine and a very gentle hint of colour with Redken Shades EQ Gloss?

Redken Shades EQ is the worlds top selling Amminia Free hair colour. Ammonia free means no harsh chemicals, no loss of condition and no hard re growth, with the colour gently fading in tone over time. In fact with Redkens protien rich, ammonia free formula Shades EQ will actually improve the feel and shine of your hair. Its very quick, taking only 20 minutes to develop and for the next couple of weeks is available for half price to anyone who has never tried it before. So now’s your chance to try out a beutiful, tried n tested, no commmitment conditioning colour for half its normal price. If you want to try it out just call the salon ahead of time to make sure we can fit it in (we might have to juggle a few things first)





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