Summer time hair treatments

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As we stride into Summer everything is coming into full bloom and bursting with life. As we get ourselves pampered and preened to look our best we should take note that our hair needs a little more special care. You see, while everything around us is alive and kicking our hair is not! Hair has no blood supply and no nerve endings (hence the pain free haircuts). It is made up of a dead protein called Keratin. Just like the skin on our face, hair is also easily damaged by our surroundings and how we treat it, but unlike our skin, it is unable to repair itself. We often hear and use the term about hair being “dead on the ends” the truth is…it’s dead allover! So when it becomes damaged by us and the things we do, it can only be repaired by us and the things we do.

Summer time is a great time to invest in treatments and good quality products for your hair. Here at Moodyhair, all our products are simply the best available by Redken NYC. All the products are perfectly balanced to your hairs natural pH 4.5-5.5. They are extremely concentrated, which means you use small amounts and they last a very long time. In salon we often recommend Redken Chemistry System, a 3 part deep conditioning and rebuilding system using a uniquely prescribed combinations of proteins, moisturizers and essential ingredients to repair and protect your hair. The treatments take from 5 to 20 minutes and cost as little as £5 up to £15. After care home treatments are also available to buy at £19.95, used once a week they’ll have dramatic results and last you up to 3 months. All Redken products contain natural ingredients to deliver strength and softness, things like wheat, soy and silk proteins, Shea Butter and Candelilla wax. Be wary of hot oil treatments you might buy on the high street as they often just treat the surface of the hair and have no lasting impact. Instead consider amazing new Argan-6 Oil, the beautiful natural goodness of Argan oil combined with Redken’s cutting edge technology. (this is a fantastic product for everyone’s hair, even those of you who would never dream of putting oil in your hair…trust us!). Remember, make maintenance part of your routine, including regular cuts at the salon…and please care for your hair and let us advise you with professional products. Take notice of your hair, because your hair gets you noticed…in what way depends on you.




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