Christmas Party Hair

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The party season means party hair.  Although recent fashion has been a slightly distressed, “morning after” look, we want to enjoy the “night before” look first, so that means hair soft, sexy and super glam. Well conditioned, healthy straight hair will always be timelessly sophisticated and elegant, but when it comes to making hair easy to pin up curly girls have all the fun! Curls and waves usually provide softer more forgiving shapes and create volume for

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The Fringe

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  The start of a New Year is a great opportunity to consider a new look or maybe just an update to your current hairstyle. If you’re not sure whether or not to go for a full on change then fringes are a great option to add a small change to get a big impact. The fringe has been a big favorite of celebrities and catwalks this season, something that’s easily done, can a have big effect on

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Clip in wefts

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  Now the party season is fast coming upon us many people are looking for new and exciting ways to wear their hair that will make them look and feel a little a more special. The challenge is, of course, what can you do to make your hair look fabulously different at the week-end and still get it back to Monday morning normality. Temporary, clip in hair wefts are a fantastic solution to creating that extra pizazz

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Ombre technique

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  One of the considerations of having your hair coloured is the maintenance afterwards, in other words, dealing with those growing out roots. One lasting trend that deals with this problem and puts you bang on trend is the Ombre technique. Ombre (simply meaning dark to light) is a look that first emerged a few years ago and has gone on to be a global trend on the catwalks and the high streets and looks to carry

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Autumn trends for her

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  As we head into Autumn one of the many people in the fashion world think back to the festival season and what trends emerged from them. A strong theme that will certainly carry out into the year is braids and plaits. This classic technique and simple look is an ideal way of keeping long hair tidy and manageable in those autumn winds, as well as providing a beautiful and fashionable way to wear your hair. Plaits and braids

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Guide to going blonde

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As the days start to grow a little brighter and lighter, Moodyhair have this...Guide to Going Blonde. Going blonde can be as strong as subtle as you you want it, it depends on what results you want to see and what commitment you’re prepared to make. Subtle blonde highlights through the top give hair a beautiful, healthy looking, sun kissed look. It’s a quick service that’s relatively inexpensive and avoids the need for regular root touch-ups. Here

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Winter hair trends For Her

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Winter hair trends are definitely going back in time thanks to hit period drama’s like Downton Abbey. The surge of vintage hair and styling looks set to continue as people are inspired by the glamour and sophistication of a romantic yesteryear. Key looks are waves and soft gentle curls along with sleek shine and sweeping fringes. If you already have short or collar length hair your ahead of the game, if you’re hair’s longer and you don’t

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Summer time hair treatments

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As we stride into Summer everything is coming into full bloom and bursting with life. As we get ourselves pampered and preened to look our best we should take note that our hair needs a little more special care. You see, while everything around us is alive and kicking our hair is not! Hair has no blood supply and no nerve endings (hence the pain free haircuts). It is made up of a dead protein called

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Redken Chromatics

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Redken Chromatics! The biggest revolution in hair colour...ever! As Spring leaps forward towards Summer the emphasis on hair is still all about condition, shine and reflection, and one of the best ways to get all three is with the introduction of colour to your hair. Pigment within the hair structure allows light to bounce and reflect, it’s this process that is the biggest contributor in creating shine in hair, especially when those “threads of wisdom” (aka grey

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Beautiful glossy hair with a hint of rich colour. If Winters making you feel a tad dull and dowdy you can add a great little boost by just adding a little tone to your hair. Did you know you can get beautiful shine and a very gentle hint of colour with Redken Shades EQ Gloss? Redken Shades EQ is the worlds top selling Amminia Free hair colour. Ammonia free means no harsh chemicals, no loss of

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