The Fringe

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The start of a New Year is a great opportunity to consider a new look or maybe just an update to your current hairstyle. If you’re not sure whether or not to go for a full on change then fringes are a great option to add a small change to get a big impact.
The fringe has been a big favorite of celebrities and catwalks this season, something that’s easily done, can a have big effect on how you look, but not such a major change that you can’t easily go back to where you were. There are a lot of options when it comes to fringes in your longer hairstyle so here are some considerations before you decide to commit: Strong straight fringes, or full fringes, are by far the most powerful and dramatic type. The make a bold statement of framing the face and eyes, they work best on oval, circular and heart shaped faces and are a great way to disguise a high hairline. Be wary though as they often show up any asymmetry in the face (big eye/small eye) and are better suited to hair that is straight and behaves itself, so no cow-licks or jumpy hairlines.

For a much softer and forgiving version try a diagonal, side sweeping fringe. These fringes are well suited to more angular face shapes, they can also be cut to work with troublesome hairlines and jumpy hair. Combine that with the fact that they can be very easily blended from short to longer, so they’re easier to grow out, and they make for the more popular and suitable choice. If your hair is wavy or generally on the unruly side, consider a longer fringe that’s layered or lightly texturised to match in with the rest of the hair’s natural texture.
Whatever you choose, we always recommend visiting a professional stylist to talk things over. Here at Moodyhair we offer in depth, complimentary consultations to answer your questions and offer any advice. So go on, have fun and take a peek into Spring with a fun new fringe.




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