The Hair and the Tortoise

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Summer time invariably means sun kissed hair colour, and one of the strongest emerging trends for Spring/Summer hair is Ecaille Balayage.

Balayage is a French term meaning to “sweep” or “paint” and Ecaille, the French word for “tortoise shell”.

Balayage is a method of hand painting, bespoke high lights into the hair following it’s natural fall and movement. It’s a delicate and highly skilled technique and the results are quite stunning, and of course unique to the wearer.

The “tortoiseshell” effect comes from blending a soft mix or caramels, honey tones and soft, subtle blondes, concentrating these shades towards the ends and allowing them to get more delicate as they approach the root area. Picture a more multi toned Ombre effect but the darker roots blended to the lighter ends. It’s a beautiful, soft effect that’s also very easy to maintain due to the fact that there isn’t a strong root re growth to touch up a few weeks later.

Balayage was a very popular service 30 odd years ago, but then it faded away as we headed into the vibrant, neon days of the 80’s post punk culture. But fashion is an ever turning circle and now, as people are becoming more fond of tasteful subtlety, the technique is back. It’s not a method that’s widely practiced as yet, so be sure your stylist has the appropriate skills and experience to do this, it’s really not as simple as just brushing ladles of color onto someones hair, and really shouldn’t be attempted at home.

Here, at Moodyhair, our 55 year history means we have plenty of skills and experience to draw upon, we also use Redken Chromatics  non ammonia hair colour, the permanent haircolour actually proven to leave your hair up to two times stronger!

If you decide you’d like to explore this technique and look make sure you don’t simply “book a colour”, this technique takes time. Start with booking a full consultation first…before you make the appointment for the colour service, here at Moodyhair we offer completely free and no obligation consultations. Bring in some pictures if you prefer and we can discuss what is achievable on your hair and what will suit your skin and hair tones. Remember, stay subtle, this is all about enhancing the beautiful hair you were born with and then adding to it with soft, caramel, mocha and golden highlights. The beauty about this technique is that it doesn’t need to be a big affair either, if you want to just try it out for size you can have a few pieces hand painted in to see how you feel about the look, a few soft, face framing high lights can be a wonderful boost after a gloomy winter. After your colour be sure to invest in great products to protect your hair the way you protect your skin, such as Redken Magnetics Color Extend shampoo, Redken Blonde Idol Sulphate-free shampoo, and our new, amazing leave in treatment Pureology Color Fantatc treatment. It’s the least you and your new hair deserve, after all, no ones loving bright red shoulders and straw yellow hair, this summer is all about elegance and refinement.

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