Time for a change….

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After growing hair longer for summer parties, weddings and simply tying up, many people come into Moodyhair looking toward Autumn/Winter with a view to change, and that change could be a new, shorter haircut.

If you’re thinking of taking the plunge, here are few pointers from the team in the salon to help you decide what’s best.

First, if you just want to chat, call the salon and book an appointment for a consultation. Here at Moodyhair we offer a completely free consultation service, where we can sit together and discuss your questions, concerns and ideas. Your Moodyhair stylist can take time to listen to your requests and concerns, and offer you advice and direction.

Your consultation will always be face to face, not face to mirror, and involve lots of questions and discussions.

Pictures are always welcome! Clients often believe that hairdressers don’t like pictures, At Moodyhair, we love them. What we sometimes have challenges with are the unrealistic expectations that come with them! This is where a great consultation helps. Pictures are perfect for putting meaning and context into your words. “Short and soft” can mean anything from a new hair cut to a cuddly toy, a picture can convey more accurately what you mean. Remember, a picture is a moment in time, frozen. Be prepared that real life limitations and demands, along with your individual features, may restrict how close you come to your ideal. Pictures are great…as a reference and a guide.

We always listen carefully to your concerns, and we recommend that you listen carefully to your stylists advice too. We are often using years of design experience, analysing your face shape and hair type to make sound recommendations to you. If your requests are not the most suitable, we’ll tell you, and see what alternatives we can offer that will meet at least some of your requests.

Don’t always a assume that shorter means quicker and easier. Many short styles require more maintenance than longer styles that could by tied back in a hurry.

Be honest during your consultation. If you are happy spend 30 minutes styling your hair in the mornings then fine, but if in reality it’s more like 3 minutes, while simultaneously eating cornflakes and filling a dishwasher, then say that. Your lifestyle will have an impact on what we recommend for you.

Finally don’t feel pressured or rushed if you’re really not sure. Here at Moodyhair we will always find time again if you want to talk more. Equally though, be prepared to take that leap, if you trust your stylist, trust in what they say, what they want more than anything, is for you to love your hair and tell others that you love it too. In my 30 year salon experience I have rarely created a shorter hair cut for a client, after a good consultation, and had that client regret their choice, usually they decided to go a bit shorter the next time.

A new hair cut is an amazing way to update your appearance, your wardrobe, even your outlook. If it’s on your mind already…make that change.

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